Margaret Hunger, 84

We found out today that an amazing woman is no longer with us. Margaret and her husbanded Robert G Hunger owned this beautiful island and ran Whitefish Bay Camp for 22 years.

When we took over in 2020 I only new of these two from stories I had heard. The hard work and dedication and love they had for this place is seen in every photo I looked at in the photo albums they had left for the owners prior to us. You could see her touches every where from the beautiful flower gardens and the cozy feeling in each cabin she tried so hard to make welcoming for her guest.

Along with her dedication for the island she also went to bat for our Tourism Community and worked along side my Father in-law Paul Trinkner “Muskie Bay Resort” to come up with ideas and way to support and make our community grow.

In closing what I really what to convey in this post is that when taking over in 2020 I spent hours cleaning and doing small remodels to the cabins. I remember stepping back after I finished every cabin and thought to my self “I hope Peg would be happy”. I hope to bring the kind of hard work and dedication that she did to this place and have it be where one day people will tell stories of me and my husband and I hope there as wonderful as all the stories I have been given.

I know this coming summer there will be more stories that will be shared with us about Bob and Peg and I will always look forward to hearing them.

Ashley Trinkner.